This week’s video introduces the Canada/China FIPA - our newest trade treaty you’ve never heard of. An exciting investment opportunity ensuring Canadian laws in no way hinder China’s state-owned energy companies over the next 31 years. You’ll be your parents’ age by the time it expires!

Gus Van Harten, a prominent trade law expert, wrote a horrified letter to Stephen Harper about this deal. Read it on The Tyee.ca 

This FIPA becomes law on November 1st and we only have a few days left to stop it. This petition from Leadnow.ca is probably our best chance, unless provincial leaders step up.

This week, we trek deeper into the Conservative Hinterland and encounter the James Bezan of Selkirk-Interlake, Manitoba.

Curious and standoffish, this political animal uses its strong hooves to scuff out threats including indoor tanning, the KGB, and plucky small-town journalists who might out him as a critic of his own party.

For more information about James Bezan and his campaign to discredit journalist Jill Wiznoski, read this iPolitics article by Michael Harris.