This week, we trek deeper into the Conservative Hinterland and encounter the James Bezan of Selkirk-Interlake, Manitoba.

Curious and standoffish, this political animal uses its strong hooves to scuff out threats including indoor tanning, the KGB, and plucky small-town journalists who might out him as a critic of his own party.

For more information about James Bezan and his campaign to discredit journalist Jill Wiznoski, read this iPolitics article by Michael Harris.


Radio News Report: #IdleNoMore VS ‘Canadians, Idle’

With the Idle No More movement at a crossroads, the Conservative government launches a counterattack. Coordinated with the return of the NHL, the “Canadians, Idle” campaign threatens to derail the round-dances and rallies that have riveted the nation for the past two months. Janet McKenzie reports from Ottawa.