This week’s video introduces the Canada/China FIPA - our newest trade treaty you’ve never heard of. An exciting investment opportunity ensuring Canadian laws in no way hinder China’s state-owned energy companies over the next 31 years. You’ll be your parents’ age by the time it expires!

Gus Van Harten, a prominent trade law expert, wrote a horrified letter to Stephen Harper about this deal. Read it on The Tyee.ca 

This FIPA becomes law on November 1st and we only have a few days left to stop it. This petition from Leadnow.ca is probably our best chance, unless provincial leaders step up.


Radio News Report: #IdleNoMore VS ‘Canadians, Idle’

With the Idle No More movement at a crossroads, the Conservative government launches a counterattack. Coordinated with the return of the NHL, the “Canadians, Idle” campaign threatens to derail the round-dances and rallies that have riveted the nation for the past two months. Janet McKenzie reports from Ottawa.