Christy Clark’s 99 Problems (RAP REMIX)

BC Premier Christy Clark faces off against her critics, her constituents and her nemesis Alison Redford on a raucous cross-province road trip. If you’re sitting at the legislature, we feel bad for you, son. Christy’s got 99 problems - but a session ain’t one.

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This week, we trek deeper into the Conservative Hinterland and encounter the James Bezan of Selkirk-Interlake, Manitoba.

Curious and standoffish, this political animal uses its strong hooves to scuff out threats including indoor tanning, the KGB, and plucky small-town journalists who might out him as a critic of his own party.

For more information about James Bezan and his campaign to discredit journalist Jill Wiznoski, read this iPolitics article by Michael Harris.


Did you know that unextracted tar sands, just like unmarried single women, have an expiry date? According to noted gender studies expert Chen Weidong of CNOOC, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, that’s exactly the fate we can expect for Alberta’s crude if we leave it undrilled and in the ground. An empty purposeless existence.

If you love the Tar Sands and don’t want to see them left behind, watch this video.